A lawyer, a corporate employee, a politician and a nomad walk into a bar. Only the nomad came out with a story.

Nomad Narratives is an attempt collect vignettes from all walks of life. You are your own raconteur. So take a moment out from your busy schedule and indulge that imagination. If it’s supposed to run wild, then why tame it? From satire to tragedy, from pictures to comedy, we collect tales that are undocumented. There’s courage in a beggar sleeping on a pavement, there’s melancholy in office cubicles, there’s buffoonery at diplomatic functions and there’s an extraordinary tale in something seemingly ordinary. There’s a common passion, to explore. Whether by means of travel or simply discovery on the Internet, we crave to know more. There are no facts, simply narratives, these are those of a nomad.




A traveller in both time and space, Mukul is a postgraduate from the University of Delhi. A Literature major, sojourns through trails and texts come easy to him both literally and metaphorically. Having completed multiple treks through the Himalayas he consistently emphasizes the need for sustainable traveling and eco tourism. He’s a connoisseur of plush country sides and prefers Led Zeppelin to the cacophony of the city. A quiet soul, he enjoys conversations over some wine at your local bonfire!



 Deeksha is an MPhil Scholar at the Department of English, University of Delhi. Although a full time litterateur she dabbles in photography and travels at whim. She’s a free spirit chasing stories, wherever they may lead. A veritable Midas, she enthuses life into everything she touches. She uses the scalpel of her critical abilities like a skilled surgeon exposing the ugly underbelly of society. Certainties and dichotomies find no place her universe which embraces chaos and randomness.



Moumita, or Megh as is she called by her friends is a postgraduate from Lady Shri Ram College with a major in English Literature. A Bharatnatyam dancer she glides through life and touches people with her optimism. Her poetry is as enthralling as her personality. A combination of sugar, spice and all that is nice, Megh is ray of sunshine in a dark room. At the same time she asks the important questions that will make you challenge your version of truth, especially if you believe truth is singular.



Anuraag is a vagabond with a flavourful palate. His adventures with travel are only secondary to his experiments with food. Obsessed with fiery cuisines, he brings a unique highly opinionated perspective to his prose. A postgraduate in English Literature from the University of Delhi, he hails from the Golaghat district of Assam. He’s the most likely person to ensure you to talk about the elephant in the room. His witty quips and mock-serious manner make him vehemently anti-establishment, those in positions of power beware.


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