About Us

Nomad Narratives is a collection of stories, sourced from real people and inspired by real events. Stories have been used since time immemorial to transmit knowledge and broaden our understanding of the world. We believe that each life has its own tale to tell and unlike fiction, it need not make sense. These can be random, unique, quirky and arbitrary.

No person is an island unto themself. Each of us exist within the ambit of defined social roles, from birth to death. Nomad Narratives is an attempt at analyzing what makes an individual. Our interactions with/within our social roles gives rise to many a snippet, a joke or oft times, even a tragedy. Nomad Narratives is the aimless compendium of these tales untold, from lives (sometimes) ignored. Every recollection is a means to better understand the space we inhabit and grow as individuals. From retellings of past relationships to travelling by yourself, these stories offer you a kaleidoscope of advice, unsolicited but nonetheless incredibly beneficial.

Every waking moment thousands of people across the world are participating in spreading nomad narratives. Whether by gossiping or relating a particularly hectic work schedule, we spend a majority of our lives telling the stories we choose to believe in. This is the platform that attempts to collate, curate and narrate these. Each voice deserves an audience. All the world’s a stage, are you ready to narrate your tale?





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