A Nomad’s Journey

As with all other schemes, Nomad Narratives also started off as an idea. But with the force of a Bukowskian tornado it consumed it’s subject entirely (“find what you love and let it kill you”, right?) The idea leapt out of the infinite bounds of imagination and found a finite existence in the giant called the Internet. And thus, a tangible entity came to life.

Nomad Narratives chronicles tales from daily life that aim to help broaden your horizons. They say sky is the limit, we say there are no limits. Ordinary occurrences captured in pictorial forms or transcribed in easy prose offer extraordinary journeys full of revelations. Nomad Narratives is the key to the cipher that is life. Unveil the mysteries of distant treks or simply dip your toe into the psyche of the local rickshaw puller. Our elitism only extends to our prose, we promise.

There’s a world out there, so complex yet so certain. What brings to order the chaos that permeates our being? Do we need this order? Is order a good thing? What is a good thing? Events, incidents, occurrences raise many a philosophical question. Let’s be clear, we’ll be the ones asking the questions. There are no wrong answers, just narratives. This is the platform for you to choose yours.

Join the journey as we offer you a chance to live vicariously, an avid reader or not there will be intrigue. Fair warning, something wicked this way comes!


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