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Nomad Narratives is a collection of stories, sourced from real people and inspired by real events. Stories have been used since time immemorial to transmit knowledge and broaden our understanding of the world. We believe that each life has its own tale to tell and unlike fiction, it need not make sense. These can be... Continue Reading →

Too much Ola Share

The great innovators at Ola have solved the problems of mass transportation. Instead of being packed into metros and buses, our sweaty bodies are packed into tiny hatchbacks with four people along with a grumpy hypertensive driver.

The Laddoo Conundrum

Chai sutta is a thing, chai biscuits belong to another class, one wonders what happens to that box of laddoos withering away on that top shelf, are they a story anyone ever reads?

The Runaway

Societal expectations and pressures will always intimidate but often times one needs to sit back and review what it is they really want from life. Ankit, one such boy found himself at the cusp of the same problem. What he did, well..

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